Awesome fundraising Opportunity

We have the chance this Saturday (Dec 3) to go to the Clemson stadium and man a concession stand (inside no stairs!!!) at the High School State Football Championship!!! We could make anywhere from $1,000-$8,000 in profit!!

Here’s the one problem we also have a Christmas parade (Downtown Greenville) that evening

You come and help we will split a portion of the profit from the event towards your student’s band fees!! That amount could be anywhere from $25 to $200. We need 18 workers and at least 10 alternates (we will call alternates the morning of or in the days before if anyone cancels). Students are allowed to help but anyone under 16 needs to be accompanied by a parent/guardian. The times are from 8 am till the last game is over (around 8pm) I will pass on more details as I get them!

You may have aunts, uncles, or any trustworthy adult to come represent your student!

Sign-up on the Charms Calendar, First come first serve

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