Charms Office: How to Login

Charms office is a powerful resource for our band. Today I will walk you through how to login to your (student’s) account.

Go to and find the “Parent/ Student Login” on the top right side of the screen.  It looks like this:

Then type in our super secret password and click the “Enter Charms” Button.

Inside this general band area you will find:

  • The Public Calendar
  • Volunteer Needs
  • Teachers email
  • Handouts

Click on the button to see what is inside each of these pages.

On the left side of the page you see the studentlogin.  On the far right you will see the trip chaperone login. Type in your password (try your phone number with area code). If you don’t know it you can email me and I’ll reset it.

Inside his or her account you will find:

  • School Calendar
  • Event List
  • Volunteer Information
  • Teachers Email
  • Handouts
  • financial information(what fees you have paid/owe)
  • student forms
  • absences/tardies (we don’t use this yet)
  • Point System (we don’t use this yet)
  • Uniforms
  • Personal Information (please update this if anything changes)
  • Change Password

Now all you need to do is explore. Email me with any questions!

~Mr. Wooldridge

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